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This year, experts have predicted that we will be having a hurricane season with much higher activity than normal. Now is the time to double check all your home insurance policies. Important questions to ask are: When does my current policy expire? Is my coverage substantial enough? Should I purchase flood insurance? Does my homeowner’s policy cover everything that needs to be covered? How much do I pay if I get hurricane damage? Should I look into hurricane shutters?

All of those questions are detrimental to making sure that you have the coverage you need, and can be answered by an agent here at Palm Coast Insurance. For example, did you know that screened enclosures are typically only covered by a special endorsement on a policy? A new customer of mine had sustained a loss on a screened enclosure. His previous agent at a different brokerage failed to inform him of the additional endorsement, and after the loss, the customer was the one stuck with a bill. This example demonstrates why it is always important to go over your entire policy, and why you should do business with an agent who will help you fully understand your policy, and your coverage. The customer previously mentioned now has complete coverage on everything he needed, and with Palm Coast Insurance, he was able to save a few hundred dollars per year.

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